Our clients


  • Marguerita Rutledge

    United State America

    Marguerita from the USA explains how joining the Apollo network immediately generated new business for her company. “We generated continuous business and continuous relationships with the agents; this is important to us.”

  • Brook Capner


    Brook from Australia explains how their membership of Apollo will be instrumental in building out their Europe trade lane. “Everyone seems nice and from the right sized businesses that we want to work with.”

  • Alexander van Gent


    Alexander from Canada explains why his first Apollo conference in Athens was a real eye-opener and why you should join us for our 2024 edition as well.


We joined the Apollo network to increase their global presence with strong reliable partners around the globe, since joining, We have been invited to several global tenders for multinational corporations such is the reach of the network. Our freehand activity from new trade lanes has been a noticeable increase in our business activities and something we have been very appreciative of.

Paul Driscoll

The decision to become an Apollo Member has been a brilliant move. We now have all the reliable member under Apollo Umbrella to move forward and grow our business together

Maneeya Khummuang

As a member of the Apollo family you feel like you worked together with your partners for years. Everyone is willing to provide their best services and is willing to do their best to satisfy the needs.Same goes for the staff at Apollo – you have problems? Say no more! they got your back and will help you out in shortest time.
Overall we do not want to miss out on being a member of the network in the future

Julian Janzon