Strategic Logistics Solutions

Financial Security

Our top priority at Apollo Global Experts is financial security. Our patented method quickly settles invoice disputes and provides custom credit risk insurance up to US$ 50.000* in protection against bankruptcy and default.

Our program guarantees dependability because it is backed by Lloyd’s of London, which has an A- rating from Standard & Poor’s.

When necessary, we provide individualized debt collection assistance through our partnership with Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS).

For your logistical financial peace of mind, put your trust in Apollo Global Experts.

*100.000 between members of the Apollo Breakbulk Experts.

Cargo Insurance

Apollo Global provides customized transport insurance plans based on regional market dynamics. For specialized shipments such as heavy lifts and out-of-gauge cargo, we offer standardized certificates and tailored premiums at competitive rates that are easily accessible via our website.

E&O Transport Insurance: As a safeguard against carelessness and human error, our Apollo membership includes E&O insurance. It guarantees complete protection from the start with legal liability coverage, which is especially advantageous to our network members.

NVOCC Carrier Liabilities: We bear liability through our NVOCC, the Atlas Line, which has been in operation for more than five years. By guaranteeing adherence to global guidelines established by organizations such as the FMC and MoT, this provides members with a sense of security and strengthens our dependability within the sector.