Strategic Logistics Solutions

Optimize Your Supply Chain with Cutting-Edge Software

Maximize efficiency and streamline operations with our comprehensive supply chain management software. Trusted by over 12,000 users across 130 countries, including top global logistics companies, our software provides seamless integration and advanced features to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Our software offers integrated supply chain technology that keeps your operations running smoothly. With real-time updates and seamless connectivity, you can stay ahead of freight business advancements and adapt quickly to changing market demands. Experience greater visibility and control over your supply chain processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Simplify customs clearance processes with our advanced software solutions. From thorough vertical and horizontal integration to customizable features tailored to your specific needs, our software ensures smooth operations across global supply chain networks. Stay compliant, reduce delays, and optimize your customs clearance processes with ease.

Revolutionize Your Logistics with Advanced Automation

Experience the future of freight services with Freightify’s cutting-edge logistics automation technology. We are dedicated to democratizing freight services through innovative solutions, empowering companies to conduct seamless global trade with ease.

With our SaaS platform for logistics, freight forwarders can effortlessly procure, manage, and quote freight prices, including all ancillary charges, in less than 2 minutes. Our platform also enables forwarders to create digital storefronts, enhancing customer service and optimizing operations.

Gain real-time insights into your shipments with our track and trace technology. Our solutions provide live vessel locations and automated milestones within seconds, ensuring enhanced visibility and control over your logistics operations. Say goodbye to delays and uncertainties with Freightify’s seamless global trade solutions.