Our next Apollo Conference is taking place May 18th to 20th in The Hague, Netherlands. Known for its International Court of Justice, monuments and beaches, The Hague promises to be a great destination for our 2024 Apollo conference. We are looking forward to meet you there!

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All-inclusive logistics network conference formula

In order to make our logistics network conference as conveniently as possible, we designed an all inclusive attendance formula. This means that the attendance fee for our international logistics network conference includes everything, from refreshments and snacks during the One-2-one meeting, to the social drinks and dinners.


Bringing our conference to your living room

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, organizing a real Annual Global Conference was unfortunately not possible the past two years. To ensure that our members stay in touch during these difficult times, we decided to organize joint virtual conferences with members from no less than 6 different networks, called SIT – Stay in Touch. You will find more details on the two seperate editions below.