Maersk Warns Los Angeles and Long Beach May Begin Charging Container Dwell Fees

For months, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been threatening ocean carriers with exorbitant fees for long-dwelling containers at marine terminals, only to repeatedly postpone the launch of the program. But could continued congestion at the San Pedro Bay Port Complex mean these fees may actually come to fruition? According to Maersk, […]

FIATA launches paperless FBL solution

FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, has worked on the release of a long-desired document update to ease the work processes of its members, allowing them to become digital freight-forwarders. FIATA brings its members a  solution to move from paper documents to paperless FBLs, which can be issued directly through their everyday tools. […]

Cathay Pacific to add freighter flights to Schiphol, Paris CDG and Heathrow

Cathay Pacific is continuing to restore its freighter network with the addition of flights to Amsterdam Schiphol, Paris CDG, London Heathrow, Dubai, Riyadh and Phnom Penh. Starting June 17, the carrier will fly from its home hub Hong Kong to Heathrow once a week with a B747 freighter. Flights to Paris will start on June […]

Maersk Ice-Class Feeders Redeployed on N. Europe-Canada Trade

Maersk will deploy two of its ice-class containerships to its Canada Express service connecting Northern Europe with Canada. The two ships, Vistula Maersk and Vayenga Maersk, are set to replace existing vessels on the service and provide Canadian customers with “green logistics solutions.” This is because the ice-class vessels feature an optiminized propeller and rudder design for […]

Port of Charleston Reduces Backlog and Sets Latest Monthly Cargo Record

The Port of Charleston in South Carolina set yet another monthly cargo record in April while also making “significant progress” with port and berth “fluidity,” i.e. reducing congestion. South Carolina Ports reported its busiest April on record, marking the 14th consecutive month of cargo records at the Port of Charleston. Strong volumes were driven by retail […]

12 more European airports align their operations with the highest decarbonisation standards

The global carbon standard for airports, Airport Carbon Accreditation, has today announced that 12 more airports in Europe have aligned their operational reality with global climate goals. Basel-Mulhouse Airport in France/Switzerland, Lisbon, Porto, Madeira, Faro, Flores, Porto Santo, Horta, Santa Maria, Ponta Delgada airports in Portugal, and Stockholm Arlanda and Göteborg Landvetter airports in Sweden have secured […]

FMC to intensively monitor pricing and capacity tactics of ocean alliances

The independent federal agency of the United States, Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has announced enhanced monitoring of the three global container shipping alliances. FMC said in its latest statement that “the three global ocean carrier alliances and each of their member companies will now be required to provide enhanced pricing and capacity information.” The commission […]

Will The Black Sea Become The Next Front In The Ukraine War ?

On the surface, the tiny Ukrainian navy, just 5,000 active-duty sailors and a handful of small coastal boats, appears to be significantly overmatched by Russian maritime forces. The Kremlin’s Black Sea fleet consists of over 40 frontline warships. The Russians seem poised to cut off the Ukrainian economy from access to the sea — essentially re-creating the […]

Marine Insurance Industry Braces for More Risk

The marine insurance industry is bracing to meet an expected upswing in multidimensional risk across product lines.    That is the consensus of many panelists speaking Tuesday at the Marine Insurance Americas conference in New York.   Rising inflation is among the most prominent emerging risks. It increases the cost to settle valid marine casualty and […]