Intercity Railfreight on board with 8 operators

Utilising spare capacity on scheduled passenger services is the business model of Intercity Railfreight. How the company utilises that space, to the benefit of their partners, their customers and their fifteen-year-old company, is to carry premium logistics in first-class comfort, at first-class speeds, around the UK. Actually, they use discrete and secure storage, not empty first-class seats.

Over the last two years, ICRF has invested significantly in its ability to grow its share in the express logistics market. The company says it is now working directly with eight passenger train operating companies (TOCs). They keep the exact TOCs to themselves; it’s all about security, after all. As yet, though, they’re not turning down any requests as they develop their distribution network.

Company in the limelight during the pandemic

ICRF has been moving high-value and time-critical products on timetabled passenger trains since 2009. It’s all getting a bit busy for new chief revenue officer Mark Bird. With the majority of passenger train operators convinced and buying into the concept, he’s busy connecting key cities and stations. The company is eager to grow beyond its core business for speedy deployment of health products and tests across the rail network.

The company’s speciality brought it into the limelight during the pandemic. That has been the catalyst for growth ever since. “This [is an] exciting time for express freight on Britain’s railway”, said Mark. “I am delighted to be joining ICRF. I look forward to expanding ICRF’s network and technological solutions so that patients can receive faster diagnoses and train operators can enhance their revenues.”

Proven logistics channel for safe and secure transport

The concept of express logistics by rail is not unique to ICRF. The company operates closely to the model that once was the standard parcel practice of every railway. However, their implementation is right up to date. Their new CFO joins from Blackbox, a data and technology company which has worked with the passenger rail industry for more than a decade, deploying new technologies, such as real-time information displays.

The rail network is a proven logistics channel for health products; during the pandemic, ICRF safely and securely transported over 100,000 COVID tests using timetabled passenger trains. The rail and health sectors can both see the opportunities of express freight”, said Daniel Griffiths, CEO of InterCity RailFreight. “[Using] spare capacity on existing services to move discreet and easily handled traffic from city-centre to city-centre. Mark’s background in rail technology and customer service will enable mutually beneficial growth of this market as ICRF delivers an expanded network in 2024.”

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