ETA container & tracking: Understanding the key metrics

Knowing the ETA of your container is a crucial part of the shipping process. Inaccurate information can lead to confusion, poor coordination, and lost productivity. Especially if your business is reliant on it. Read through this blog to understand why the time of arrival of containers should matter to you and how you benefit from it.

Trustworthy information on the arrival time of a container is in high demand when selecting a logistics company to work with. Whether you’re delivering cargo or waiting for it, you’ll need the time of arrival in order to properly plan your shipment and avoid delays.

Let’s assume you have a fabric business and you’ve been invited to an expo for exotic fabrics. However, the destination of the expo is located in a place you’re not familiar with. Just like how you track your location through a GPS tracker to see if you’re on schedule or if there’s any traffic, you can track your container’s ETA to see if it’s on schedule and if there are any delays.

However, unlike a GPS, which only gives you an estimated time of arrival, container tracking allows you to see the whole journey. So, you can proactively manage any hiccups along the way. Container xChange provides you with smart container tracking systems on our online platform.

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