DB carries out successful rehearsal for closure Frankfurt-Mannheim line

On 15 July 2024, a landmark infrastructure upgrade project will begin in Germany. The Frankfurt am Main-Mannheim line, one of the busiest routes in Germany and an integral part of the Rhine-Alpine Corridor, will enter a five-month upgrade phase. In preparation for the works, Deutsche Bahn implemented a route diversion rehearsal that was deemed successful, paving the way for the actual services’ rerouting in the summer.

DB will implement two diversion routes between Frankfurt and Mannheim, which will run parallel to the main line. One diversion route will run between Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Heidelberg, and Mannheim, while the other will link Frankfurt and Mannheim via Mainz and Worms.

DB did not specify which route will be preferred for rail freight traffic. However, the company stressed that tests during the rehearsal proved that freight traffic could run smoothly via the diversion routes, hopefully signalling smooth operations during the summer months.

In addition, the German company mentioned that the testing during January revealed some weak spots, which also remained unspecified. However, DB said that it has five months until July to optimise processes and fix any possible issues that appear on the way.

All eyes on Germany

With Germany being a hub for European rail freight and a crossroads of major transport corridors, every upgrade on its railway network automatically gains international significance. The upcoming summer works have long been anticipated by the railway sector, which expects efficient and viable alternatives to the closures that will occur.

The Frankfurt-Mannheim line is part of the Rhine-Alpine corridor, Europe’s most heavily used international route. It is no surprise, then, that operators active there have all turned their eyes on Germany, crossing their fingers that no significant disruptions will occur during the line’s reconstruction period.

Michael Stahlhut, CEO of Hupac, commented on the matter, indicating the expectations of rail operators: “We expect that the forthcoming necessary general overhaul of the German rail network will be organised in a market-compatible manner so as not to nip the politically desired turnaround in transport in the bud.”

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