Ukraine wants to ban Russian rolling stock imports for 50 years

The Ukrainian government asked the National Security and Defense Council to introduce a bundle of sanctions against Russia for the next 50 years. Among other initiatives, there is the proposal for a five-decade ban on the imports of Russian rail rolling stock in Ukraine.

Other than the ban on rolling stock imports, the Ukrainian government is suggesting that road vehicles, including buses and trucks (with or without semi-trailers) registered in Russia shall be denied entry into the country. Moreover, the Council of Ministries is asking for the prohibition of air traffic and the use of Ukrainian airspace for all flights operated by Russian entities.

Many bans for the maritime sector

Other bans concern the maritime sector. The proposal in fact entails a ban for Russian vessels to sail Ukrainian waters. Russian vessels include ships sailing under the Russian flag, owned by Russian entities, calling at occupied ports or registered at the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping or the Russian River Register. The initiative is also aimed at Russian sailors. “Documents stipulated by the International Convention on the Training and Certification of Seafarers and Watchkeeping of 1978, issued by Russia”, would not be recognised, the proposal mentioned. Finally, they want to forbid Russian sailors from working on vessels sailing under the Ukrainian flag, unless legal grounds are present.

Ukrainian Railways started rolling stock in-house production

It remains to be seen whether the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine will approve the measure and what impact this would have. Ukrainian Railways, for example, started the in-house production of various rail components at the beginning of the war as the Russian supply had been cut off. These components include rolling stock as well. Moreover, this project could serve in the integration of Ukraine on EU railways. A couple of weeks ago, for example, Ukrainian Railways unveiled its first grain hopper wagon built with a variable gauge system.

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