Budapest Airport welcomes significant frequency increase on key Chinese routes

Budapest Airport is delighted to announce a substantial increase in flight frequencies on key Chinese routes, reflecting a positive resurgence in the Chinese market.

Shanghai Airlines, in partnership with China Eastern Airlines, is set to elevate connectivity between Shanghai and Budapest by enhancing flight. Currently operating three weekly flights, the airline will be transitioning to daily flights from the start of the summer season, following the airport’s efforts to strengthen partnerships and provide enhanced travel options for its passengers. Utilising the carrier’s modern four-class B787-9, the increased services will operate until the winter period, marking a 35% increase in the airline’s capacity during S24. With the new daily flights China Eastern will provide even better connectivity to South-East Asia, New Zealand, and Australia from Budapest.

In addition to the Shanghai expansion, Air China is boosting its flight frequencies to Beijing. Commencing from the upcoming S24 season, the airline will increase its weekly flights from two to three, further boosting accessibility between Budapest and the Chinese capital.

These strategic developments underline the positive trajectory of the Chinese market and signify a significant step towards rebuilding robust air connectivity between Hungary and China. The airport has ambitions this year to increase direct flight connections to China by adding at least one city in southern China to its current roster of four destinations – Beijing, Chongqing, Ningbo, and Shanghai.

“We are pleased to witness the renewed growth in the Chinese market, which will see our two-way seat capacity between Budapest and China increase by 51% this summer when compared to S23. The expansion aligns with our commitment to providing diverse and convenient travel options to connect Budapest with key destinations in China,” says Balázs Bogáts, CCO, Budapest Airport

Recognising the economic significance and growing ties between Hungary and the Pearl River Delta region, encompassing Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, Budapest Airport is keen on fostering increased connectivity with this dynamic area. As the world’s largest IT and renewable energy research and development centre, the Pearl River Delta plays a pivotal role in global innovation and economic development.

Bogáts adds: “Recent investments in Hungary have notably originated from the Pearl River Delta, and we realise the immense potential for collaboration and growth. By adding a southern Chinese city to our network, we aim to facilitate smoother business relations, boost tourism, and enhance cultural exchanges between Hungary and this vibrant economic hub.”

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